Friday, December 28, 2012

Amanda Brooks 'The Blonde Lioness' Speaks on Inner healing

Amanda Brooks
 was born in Richmond, Virginia. She was raised in Haynesville, Virginia until she was about 15 years old. She then relocated to Warsaw, Virginia while she was in her mid teens. She attended Richmond County schools and graduated from Rappahannock High School. In her senior year of high school, she went to Northern Neck Regional Vocational Center  and took up cosmetology. 
"Maaan I Loved it!" 
After graduating high school in 85', she further educated herself becoming a licensed cosmetologist in 87'.
Amanda Brooks worked for 'Ebony and Ivory' in 87'. She was hired by her cosmetology teacher. She started off as a shampooer then quickly elevated.
An associate by the name of Ant Fauntleroy taught her how to barber. 
"He said,
'if you get somebody to let you cut their head I will teach you.'" 

In 95' she started working for the 'Next Episode', which was owned by a white female hair stylist. She wanted to diversify her knowledge in cosmetology.

"I wanted to be expose to all hair types. Even though hair is hair there are some differences that you should know. There is a difference between a perm and a relaxer, I noticed that white stylish perm, blow dry.. then curl, I'm thinking, 'why do you want me to blow dry and curl it?.. There were somethings I didnt know and that is why I worked with her."

Northern Neck Regional Vocational Center
License Cosmetologist since 

Rappahannock Community College(RCC)

Micro Computer Applications
Associates: ASS Information System Technology
RCC 5/14/02

Administration of Justice/Business Management

AA&S General Studies RCC 

Bachelors Human Service Counseling
Old Dominion University

Ms. Brooks has no problem crediting 
the individuals that have played major 
roles in her life.  

"Mrs. Samson was my favorite teacher." "She had a clear and dominating voice. She taught government, when she spoke it got your attention. She spoke like Martin Luther King! Every word was like the ' I have a dream' speech.".. She goes on, "She influenced how I taught, when I think about it"
  Adrian Bibbens was a big influence in her life. She was her chorus teacher all through middle school, and coincidentally when Amanda went into the ninth grade, there stood Mrs. Bibbens,

"She stayed on me""When she hit that first piano key, you knew it was on." She went on to become the lead singer in Doc Anderson's school band, 'The Rappahannock Jazz Band', 
"I am a front person, because I was a lead singer. I was always out front, being out front taught me how to be out front[in life]. Put me on the stage,  give me a mic and I can go." 

"A good teacher is a master of simplification and an enemy of simplism."
-Louis A. Berman

Amanda Brooks is a Christian Woman.

For years, she has been a member of a non denomination church in Rappahannock, Va..

Amanda Brooks the 'Blonde Lioness' brings you her new internet radio show titled

"I will take you to forgotten places."  Her perceptions are rich with wisdom and they are extremely unique. 
Ms. Brooks is a natural healer, that penetrates realms many will find uncomfortable, namely the secretive strong willed individuals but the key is ' to relax'.  The experience will be worth the while.
"I am not a counselor. I am your guide..
I specialize in inner healing."
Amanda Brooks brings you 

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