Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Maurice Muhammad Says, " We Can and We Will ".. Sent

Black Unity
Born in Philadelphia Maurice Muhammad, background is packed with responsibilities and leadership roles. He was the Senior Class President. He was President of America's Graduates[a national program] and Vice President of the Philadelphia Chapter. His resume is packed with a variety of positions, that require discipline. In high school he was the Captain of the J.R.O.T.C, and a member of the elite Color Guard " The Epitome".
He served in the Army for 6 years, he was State Head Organizer with 'The Association of Community Organization for Reform Now' a nonprofit organization that advocated for low income and moderate income families/communities.
He is divinely loyal to Minister Louis Farrakhan. Now residing in Nashville, Tennesse, Brother Maurice Muhammad is a devoted follower in the Nation of Islam.
"I am being tranformed into a better man."
We all are at a vital point in time. 
Change is here and with change comes new obstacles and growth. The problems we are entangled in is very complex because all are connected in some manner, like it or not. Lines have not only crossed but they have woven into strands that are linked into a universal source. Humanities universal consciousness has literally binded, materially.
We are connected to limitless information, that could be benificial or detrimental for us. So the Universal Oneness of all humankind is near. The issue is how the unification will happen and who will be in control. Will we all be equal? Will we all have an equal amounts of goods, and should we have a equal portion? or are we asking for too much?

"My love for my people is undying my assignment in this life is the resurrection of the mentally dead
Black Man and Woman of North America and through out the earth. Then to the rest of the human family."
-Maurice Muhammad

Brother Muhammad is that individual that genuinely cares about the future for all mankind. He has an extensive history in constructing grass root organizations. He specializes in using people's talents for the betterment of the community. The people that he is interested in helping, in turn become leaders, creating their own movements. He helps people by turning individuals into strong organizations: progressive collective forces.

With the present day technology, a child in a village, in africa, has the ability to carry on intimate conversations with relatives in Chicago, Ill and people are constantly inventing things. We do not know what they have invented, well... some do. Friends are very important; universal brotherhood is very important,
in fact it is a neccessity.

Is now the time for the communities to come together as one?    love        Power
food/shelter        Many say yes.       Unity               individualism vs collectivism               Obama                             Independence
Liberalism           and       Work          Romney
many say         conservatism
When will it be the right time? What are we looking for? Who are we? Who will decide when the time is right and why do he or they get to pick the Whos, whats, whens and wheres
Many say we need leaders.. others say we don't.  Everybody has their hands out.. but nobody wants to give anything,
not even time.

"No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path."
Here and Now 
Brother Maurice Muhammad is one of the few that puts in the time,  traveling state to state, supporting people that have had issues with the system[domestically/criminally]. He has counseled troubled youth, attended events for activist and now
his present mission, is helping daycare centers stay operational nationwide. Especially, the ones that are lacking the funds and resources to carry on. He feels by connecting with the right individuals and resources, he will not only save businesses, but own them, and create more of them; resulting in employment of individuals in the communities. 
Brother Muhammad needs the knowledgeable ones and the ones that have common sense to read over grant information; so the correct loans will be secured, for the communities; starting with the ones needing help the most. To speed up the process, Muhammad is currently seeking  individuals, interested in helping him save these centers immediately, for the kids sake. 
If you are genuinely interested in helping the cause please contact him and his affiliates below. 
No one will be turned away.

His Sites/Affiliates:

"I believe in the brotherhood of all men, But I don't believe in wasting brotherhood on anyone who doesn't want to practice it with me. Brotherhood is a two way street."
                                                     - Malcolm X

Friday, August 3, 2012

Introducing Brian Jay aka Brian D, the 21st Century Social Media Maverick

Brian Jay aka Brian D

Brian Jay has a solid resume. He has traveled the world with the Navy, he has educated himself at different schools: Connecticut School of Broadcast, University of Phoenix, and University of Maryland University College.

Optimistic by nature few would see or understand his tenacity.  Brian Jay has no problem Chanting his dream, "I love listening to the radio. I actually have the same one I carried everywhere I traveled around the world...
[While he was in the Navy Brian got to see England, Spain, Italy, Australia, Dubai, and Singapore]
I love the Contemporary Hit Radio format!
[Top 40 or Pop Radio] Z100 is the place I dream of working one day soon. if that don't work out there is a new radio station in NYC called Now 92.3 FM! My main goal is to work with dedicated broadcast professionals in the NYC Market no matter the radio station or company." - Brian D
A picture says a thousand words 

Packed with energy and ambition, Brian D demands your attention and in many ways he commands attention. Being a people person, regardless how people feel about him, is a symptom of not only a leader, but a People's Champion! He is comfortable with who he is, he understands people. He knows he is unique and it will take a while for the people to understand him, but he has faith in them.

"Many are born with the talents to materialize the dreams, the methods used to materialize the ideas is the problem." - Me

You have to 'believe' in yourself and make it happen

Confidence is heart and skill and I must say, the man has heart. Everyday he promotes his work, with star quality. All it takes is for the right person or people, to see his potentials.
Brian D could to many be way over the top, some of his phone pranks are LONG.. but that is something a producer(s) will solve and that is what he needs,
"a great producer[and a girlfriend]"
at this point.

He has the energy, the natural ability and the COURAGE
A lot of people speak on change but will not make, much less create.. the decisions by supporting the type of people that could and would produce the change they are interested in. 
say, if he has the heart and shows he is going to help the collective in anyway, even if he can only help himself to safety(or success), we lived another day.
"Everyone is looking for a 'Prince Charming' or nothing." - Me 

After graduating from high school in 1999,
Brian Jay eventually became a Operation Specialist, Radar Operator  on the USS Enterprise[2003 - 2005]

2005 - Brian Jay attended/graduated, Connecticut School of Broadcasting, received his
Media Arts Diploma/TV Production/Studio Operations, Media Operations

2007 - At the University of Phoenix, Brian graduated[after 2 years] - AA in IT

2010 - University of Maryland University College[graduated after 2 years]

Worked for Clear Channel Communications, Inc. (2007-2008)
Overnight Traffic Producer, Total Traffic Network

"I am outspoken, have a very open and honest approach and dedication to everyone I know and anything I do, regardless of what others think of me." - Brian D


The man has the knowledge and the drive. In due time, he will connect with the right team
999 Myth-Ra