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Lisa Schraun Augusta "LadyOfHorrorEroticPoet".. The Bay Witch

Schraun Augusta, born October 25, 1971, in Oakland, California is definitely a unique soul. Her childhood was rich with wisdom and pain but she learnt to channel her experiences into artistic pieces, that should have seen light, decades ago.

The mid 60's up to the early 80's produced a unique generation[Generation X] that was raised in a period, filled with great change, and challenges. 'Generation X', inspired by the 'baby boomers' [described as the 'shockwave' and 'the pig in the python']wanted change. Not only did they desire change, but they wanted it in realtime.

Cultures blended wars were launched drugs were experienced.. Leaders that were loved to death.. and mysteriously assassinated. Races mixed classes unified for a cause, causing a rebellious orgy of unrestrictive, thoughts/ideas. Fueling a new consciousness, laws, systems, organizations.. A New Spirit(Re-Birth)!!

Many fought and died for new ideas, realities:

Kennedy Fitzgerald Kennedy Assassinated November 22, 1963

El-Hajj Malik El Shabazz(Malcolm X) Assassinated February 21, 1965

Martin Luther King Jr. Assassinated April 4, 1968


Make Love not War...
The youth, women and minorities protested, wars.. racism.. established systems.. and experimented socially. Drugs abuse became a major issue.. Many returned from the war addicted to heroine. The exhausted souls completed the mission but the costs were grand. Organizations became gangs.. instead of rebelling against a system, the people turnt on themselves. 
Pushed from these wounds cameth a
Lady of Horror..

Because of drug issues in her household, Schraun[Lady
of Horror] felt she did not receive the needed attention in her early life,
"My talents was not recognized." Schraun parents had drug issues, and fell victim to the temptations on the streets. "My parents are both now fifteen years clean and I am very proud of them, but I wish they were there for me early on, to guide me because I am a screen writer."
When we look back into our lives we see how things could have gone differently, if certain things did not happen to us, we wonder what we could have become.
"My sister was murdered by my babies father.. that drove me to alcoholism" she continues..
"My daughter's having cerebral palsy is the only reason I got my CNA(Certified Nursing Assistant) license."
Being one with the pain is her reality, "The People say I write like a female Tupac!"
Tupac did say he got his game from Oakland.

One of the screen plays she wrote was based on a real life experience faced with her male cousin. They curiously entered into a satan worshipper's resident, recognized.. then immediately escaped the situation with superior street intellect, but In her writing, Instead of writing how they escaped the situation, she wrote on a fictional struggle.

Writing plays at 8 years old...
She wrote a halloween play in the third grade. It was a re-write of Charles M. Schulz, 'It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.' She also played the role of Peppermint Patty. "My teacher was very pleased, my aunt was in the audience supporting me. Everyone loved it!"
The school play gave her confidence, "I admire Steven King's versatility, he writes and acts. Steven King and John Carpenter are my favorites" John Carpenter like Steven King, is versatile. He is a film director, screen writer, producer, actor and film music composer.

Schraun Augusta is as a poet she goes by the alias Lady of Horror. Lady of Horror is addicted to horror flicks, hence the name Lady of Horror. That is what she enjoys when she is not working on her projects.

To unveil the layers to her sweetness, you have to use your lower senses.
She loves the dark.

"All I want to do is be near you, sex you like crazy.
Will you be waiting my love? I will cook dinner, with gravy.
All the time I will make you feel good, I promise.
for the bath will be ready, dinner and a very good night kiss."
By Lisa Schraun Ladyofhorroreroticpoet Augusta

The Bay Witch

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Elevating With ' Darlene's Utopia ' : DU's Conversation Series 11

                                                       Darlenes Utopia

It is On!
DU's Conversation Series
"What Will It Take For This To Work?"

Hosted By
Darlene A. Anderson
Darlene's Utopia
September 22, 2012
Early Bird Reservation
With One Free Drink
Friday 6-9 PM

 We all know, there are a lot of people out here, speaking about social issues. The problems in the communities. The problems abroad nationally and internationally. Many speak on it but few have a trail, on the topic.

"I am a clinical case manager by profession.  I acquired a Bachelor’s of Arts, in Sociology, and have applied my education and practices to helping various populations in need for the past fifteen years.  In doing so, I came to realize that the same structure that was utilized for my consumers could also be applied in my own personal life and people close to me.   For example, as a clinical case manager, I would be responsible for assisting people with documenting their short and long term goals and working towards achieving them.  In addition, I would compose a scale of measurement (service plan) that I would periodically refer back to with the client until these goals were met.

There came a time in my own life where I was undergoing various adversities that I could not seem to conquer.  At this point, I literally took a blank service plan and decided that I was going to document every aspect of my life that required modification, and I was going to work at it from a case management perspective.

 In my service plan, I needed additional income, so I decided to join a health and wellness company, Warm Spirit.  This was a network marketing company. As a consultant with this company, one of my functions was to facilitate Pamper Parties with the clients.  I would do a variety of games and pamper treatments with the health products.  What begin to happen was that the ladies would ask me for information in various areas of their lives.  They would say, “Darlene, you’re a case worker right?  How do I get my mother….?  How do I register for …?  My kid needs….?  As a result of this, I begin to give referrals to my clients on a continuum.  Then one day, I said, I think I should host a women’s forum, where I will bring women together and share resources, establish networks, as per their adversities.  I wanted to follow the lives of these women for six months and assist them in elevating professionally and personally.  This was the beginning of Darlene’s Utopia"

If you are not making solutions real or at least attempting to actualize solutions..

You are just entertaining thoughts...


Many are in search for a Utopia

Introducing to you 


"Bringing you the latest rave in Social Entertainment"