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Artist Celeste Gomez Presents.. Celeste Arts ' I want the world to know my work '

'I am Celeste Gomez(Celeste Arts)'
Beunos Aires[bwenos 'aires], is the capital of Argentina. It is located on the western shore of the estuary of Rio de la Plata[Southeast coast of South American continent]. It is the second largest city of Argentina, the second largest metropolitan area in South America and the home of Celeste Gomez.

"I would describe Beunos Aires as a great city, with many nuances, cosmopolitan. Nice, big, full of culture, rich in art, many good artists have come to the world from Buenos Aires." -Celeste Aires

Celeste Gomez: born January 19, 1988 in Beunos Aires, Argentina was born 
'an artist.'
Her teachers recognized her innate artistic abilities when she was in kindergarten. She showed clarity at an early age. Drawing women from, a variety of intimate stances was her thing as a child.

999 : Who are your favorite artists?

"My favorite artists are: Giger, Victoria Frances, Ciruelo Cabral, Luis Royo, Natalie Shaw, Tim burton and others"-Celeste Gomez

'The Joker'
Celeste Gomez is definitely deep and her works are rich with depth, emotion and symbolism. Her details are detailed. 
One of my favorites is a piece named 'The Joker'. It is a drawing of Batman's archenemy, The Joker.  In the picture he looks very dark and sophisticated. He owns a mysteriously penetrating stare. He looks antsy, Like he is about to pounce on you! The lighting and background is surreal: light reflecting on the left, and currents of a dimmer light, layered.. on the right side. Incredible!
She is
BEYOND attractive.. she is MAGNETIC!

 The apple doesn't fall to far from the tree.
She is as unique as her work.


'I Desire'
When Celeste was 13 years old, she acheived entry into the acclaimed 'Rogelio Yrurtia' Art Academy because of her superior performance on the initial examination. Her first  exposition was at the Sub-18 Exhibition in Buenos Aires city, in the famed 'Espacio Dorrego' hall. 
To attend the event, you had to be 18. Celeste was 16 years old at the time. At the same time her work was chosen for the Conmigo Exhibition in the 'Centro Cultural Adan Buenos Aires'. Still a teen, she featured pieces at her school and for the city administration. She went on attending Exhibitions like the 'Casa de la cultura' The 'Casa de la Provincia'  

"My exhibited works are completely gothic"- Celeste Gomez

Exhibits she attended:

-Sub-18 Exhibition 'Espacio Dorrego' hall

-Conmigo Exhibition 'Central Cultural
Adan Buenos Aires'

-Specially chosen annually for the: 'Rogelio
Yrurtia' Art Academy Exhibition, 'Casa de la
Cultura' Exhibition and the 'Casa de la Provincia'

-El Espiritu de la Soldedad(The Spirit of Loneliness)
Exhibition 'Central Cultural Adan Buenos Aires'
(She was chosen again)

"My work is inspired by what's inside of my head
and the stories I've read or been told"
   - Celeste Gomez

-She participates in Buenos Aires in the first 
festival of gothic arts 'El Mundo de las
Cupulas'(The World of the Cupulas) at the
Teatro Arlequines.

-She competes against millions of other artists 
in international exhibits, sponsored by the well
known London gallery Saatchi.

-She exhibits at musical structured by 'Via lunatis'
at Club Buenos Aires.
                        (more exhibitions here)

'My Passion'
Celeste Gormez was employed with Andromeda[a publishing company] for 2 years, after presenting them her work. Eventually Gormez applied and quickly became an illustrator for 'Caras Y Caretas'; a well known and respected magazine. She has been with them for approximately 5 years. She does graphic Design, Logo, CD artwork for bands worldwide and is closely associated with the band 'SXIN'

999What are your short term goals?

"My short term goal is that people in the world
know my job and I recognize myself as an artist"                             
-Celeste Gomez

'In Living Color Showdown'
Celeste Gomez is asking the people that to support her talents by voting for her in the "Living Color Showdown"

The Contest is located on

Voting begins 01/22/13

There will be 3 rounds: 

* The first round will be judged by the community(which is anyone with a Saatchi online account, which is quick and easy to do).  

* The second round will be judged by a jury selected by Saatchi online and 
Rebecca Wilson
Director of
the Saatchi Gallery London.  

Juried voting: Sunday, February 3-Saturday, February 9

The final will be judged a judge selected


Final Voting: Saturday, February 9-Tuesday, February 19


Celeste is interested in creating comics professionally. She has the passion and the drive to materialize the dream. As you see, she DEFINITELY has everything needed talent wise
Bucephalus Media/999 humbly ask the people to support her career, simply by 
voting for her January 22-Sunday, February 3

If you like her work.

"I have not set a [long term] goal, I always go for more. I have no roof or marked horizon. I am always[going] for more"
-Celeste Gomez